Comfort Lily Fresh Fabric Conditioner Pink - 800ml

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New Comfort After Wash Fabric Conditioner Lily Fresh (Pink) 800ml Bottle. New Comfort After Wash Fabric Conditioner Lily Fresh (Pink) 800ml Bottle gives your clothes unbeatable shine & fragrance that detergents alone can't deliver. Comfort is a liquid fabric conditioner which is easy to use with bucket wash as well as machine wash. Even if you wash your clothes with the best detergent, the fibers in your clothes get tangled. So your clothes look dull & lifeless in just a few washes. Comfort untangles the cloth fibers and protects them from the damage caused by detergents. Comfort Fabric conditioner gives your clothes unbeatable softness, new-like shine & long-lasting fragrance. Add just half a cap of Comfort fabric conditioner in the last rinse of washing to give your clothes unbeatable shine & fragrance.
For hand wash cleaning ? After cleaning your clothes with detergent, in the cycle of clothes, pour 2 cups of half cups of comfort in a bucket that clothes with water. ? Now, leaves the clothes for soaking in the same bucket that contains comfort. ? After 5 minutes removes the clothes leave them for drying. Don?t rinse them again. For machine wash ? For semi-automatic wash: Just add 1 cap of comfort in the last rinse or cycle. ? For a Fully automatic machine: Add 1 cap full of Comfort fabric softener or conditioner or any additive compartment.
Cationic surfacant, fatty acid, perfume, water
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Comfort Lily Fresh Fabric Conditioner Pink

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